Let your guests walk away with something personalized just for them

Transform your event with the art of personalization, crafting a truly unforgettable experience for your guests. Our embroidery activation seamlessly integrates into your event branding, offering a curated embroidery menu and personalization inspiration board

Whether you're looking to celebrate a milestone, host a company party, wedding or launch a new product, we'll optimize our event to align with your objectives and tailor our offerings to cater directly to your guests.

We recommend choosing one or two items for guests to personalize during your event. Together, we can determine personalization offerings (items, fonts, monogram styles, images, colors, character limit, etc.) before designing a custom branded embroidery menu (Formats, Colors, Designs), including an inspiration board for your guests.

Our embroidery machines requires an outlet solely for our use at all times. We supply tables for each embroidery machine but require an additional 6ft table to display the menu, forms and finished items.

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